Taylor Buonocore
Management Consultant + Facilitator

Taylor career has centered on supporting and maximizing human capital, on a global scale and across for-profit and non-profit industries. She began her career with Mercer as a management consultant, before launching her own advisory practice to join Rio Tinto in Mongolia, where she designed an executive development program for Oyu Tolgoi, the third-largest copper mine in the world. Later, as President of Born Free Africa, a private equity-backed NGO, she scaled a model for philanthropic investment in human capital and launched a partnership with the Kenyan government that moved the needle on the elimination of mother to child transmission of HIV. As part of her work with Born Free Africa, Taylor co-authored a Human Capital Playbook that outlined strategies for talent development in the NGO sector. Since, she has supported a variety of projects, from an integrated wellness center to an entrepreneurship program at an inner-city school in New Jersey.

Drawing from her range of experiences and her passion for learning and connection, Taylor co-created Convers(ate), a methodology for conversation that facilitates learning and human connection. Convers(ate) has reached tens of thousands of people around the world. As a speaker, Taylor uses storytelling to teach audiences how to ask more effective questions in their professional and personal lives. Taylor holds a BA in history and psychology from Colgate University. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and two young daughters.